#OpPedoGate //2020
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Conivence about pedophilia is a real problem in Chile:
I received this relate, and i think its deserve some attention;

"Before his changes was all "normal" life for everyone, but no one knew how violent he was with me; I were always alone, without witnesses.
Not knowing at that time in full certainty of his pedophile side.
It is a corrupt system. In Chile, Justice is bought with money.
But in criminal cases of guarantee courts, it is believed that the accused of a crime is "allegedly innocent" and children lie.
This is justice for sexual abuse today in Chile.

I need to prove what he did with my daughter. It also serves acts against other children (my daughter says she watched videos of him forcing a child to take off his clothes and he cried)
He is addicted to cocaine, alcohol, prostitutes and sexually disturbed.

The story of my daughter's experience, like that of many other children, IS NOT CONSIDERED.
That's why I ask for help. He tried to kill me in the street, after leaving a courthouse.
Ironically, I was detained for 5 hours in a dungeon (Justice is Misogena in Chile).
Then with the days I managed to denounce the maximum judicial authority of that irregularity, today he has a restraining order towards me.
For now, my daughter and I are protected by justice."

As you can notice, Chile (like almost all other countries from Latin America) deal about these pedophile cases and child abuse in general on a neglence way. From their pov (and mainly their laws) childreen have not right to witness/testify about what is going on with theirselves, 'cause them dont have a specific age for this and are not telling the truth for "nonsense" reasons, this happen in Chile courthouses when the subject is child abuse.
Text by Spy_Unkn0wn
Pedo Community:
With some friends of Anon_ITA we are discussing about pedo stuff and their modus operandis, he send me a link that make me fell sick, for real.

The website is hosted on onion networks protected by cloud webservers and have the exactly title: "Pedo Support Comunnity".
Which a monster supposed called as "Sam Walker" says he is a "Professional Pedophile"; he basically train families (who support pedofilhia as well) to teach her kids and parents in general how make sex. Yes, is that what you just read, he treat this like a real profession (and i think on some countries it may be), and call himself like a "proPed" an instructor who teach the families how love their kids "properly", WTF.
Please, if you reading this and have some "influence", try to help me do something about this nasty guy and their "project".
Text by Spy_Unkn0wn
here is the onion link; you can find more below.

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